Pacific Coast Falconry is a Los Angeles based consultancy specializing in resolving existing conflicts between humans and birds by harnessing natural relationships that exist between avian pest species and their natural predators.

Having predator birds flying free in a defined property/space, like a campus, an airport, a mall, a farm or a lake etc, resident birds begin associating the property with predation and chose to avoid the area completely. It’s important to note that our techniques focus on abatement services, which can easily and safely be performed in areas frequented by the public. In addition to being the most effective solution to your problem, our services are clean, ethical, sustainable and silent.

Our proprietary systems are based on a deep understanding of animal behavior, and the motivators that drive specific bird species to develop a fidelity to localities and properties. We provide clients with a bespoke program, sourcing the specialist falconers/austringers (bird trainers) most suited to your needs, thus helping property managers and property owners devise a unique, systematic, tailored solution to resolve their avian/human conflicts.