"I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your services
at SouthernCalifornia Disposal. I realize the great challenges
you were faced with in controlling the bird population that
had become a nuisance for our neighbors at our transfer facility.
The bird population around the facility seemed like it was
doubling on a daily basis.You and your amazing team of birds
went to work and what seemed like almost immediately started
producing results in controlling the nuisance bird population.
However, above and beyond the success in meeting all of our goals,
it was your humane approach, professionalism, integrity and
expertise in your craft that makes you “special”. Thank you again,
and please feel free to have any potential clients contact me,
I would be happy to share my experiences and recommend you
and your services with confidence."

Mike Matosian: Southern California Disposal & Recycling- Vice President

"We've seen a dramatic reduction in the number of
wild fowl on the property resulting in the reduction of
cleaning costs and the need to install unsightly
bird control devices on the façade of the buildings.  
Nricco is very attentive and a pleasure to work with."

C.Hochbrueckner: CBRE- Real Estate Manager

"Using bird spikes, glues or any of the other typical
bird abatement programs were unsightly and often
created a bigger mess than they were worth. And they
all burn labor hours that can be used elsewhere.             
Pacific Coast Falconry turned out to be a cost saving
endeavor for my property. No longer do I allocate
labor hours to the constant mess left by pigeons,
seagulls, or crows. I do not purchase glues or ugly
bird spikes, useless plastic owls, or any other voodoo
product to chase the large local bird population away.  
The falconry program provided by Pacific Coast Falconry
made an immediate visual impact and has been
proven to be fiscally wise."
Rob Huddleston: Control Facility Services
Santa Monica Place Mall - Operations Manager

Another great day protecting a hospital heliport.