The most effective legal solution to displace problem
birds is Falconry Based Bird Abatement. It is a noiseless,
eco-friendly, non-obtrusive and cost effective solution to
keep problem birds away. The genetic, instinctive fear
that all prey species have of predators, in this case Birds
of Prey, is the key to the success of Falconry Based Bird
Abatement techniques. A prey species’ instinct is to flee
at the very sight of a hunting predator. No animal will
ever acclimatize to this deterrent. Animals even learn to
avoid areas known to have a predator presence.

Urbanization and large scale agriculture have affected
various ecosystems, sometimes providing the near perfect
habitat for selected species. An almost endless food supply
and an existence virtually free from predation have caused
population explosions, creating the pest species we struggle
with day-to-day. In North America, regulations are in place to
create a legal framework to address these problems. US Fish
and Wildlife protects birds from disturbance, harassment or
pursuit. Since 2007, they have issued bird abatement permits
to selected Master Falconers, which allows them to professionally
disperse any number of nuisance birds from places they may
congregate: airports, beaches, crops, food processing plants,
golf courses, landfills, office complexes, parking lots, restaurants,
resorts, warehouses…. indoors, outdoors, in rural and urban
settings....Basically anywhere!

Pacific Coast Falconry is fully insured and prides itself in
the creation of bespoke programs to achieve lasting solutions
for our clients. Our birds have been specifically trained to safely
operate in public amongst people, children and their pets.
They are trained to exhibit hunting behavior without attacking
or killing the nuisance birds.
We would be proud to introduce you to this ecologically
ethical method of Avian Pest management.